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A list of frequently asked FRC-related questions.


When am I expected to begin the FRC process?

The FRC process begins a few days after the monthly close (i.e. between the 5-7th of the month). DMSE is starting with July 2023, which means the review process will begin around August 5, 2023.


How frequently do I have to do this?

The FRC should be conducted on a monthly basis and should be completed by the 21st of the month.


How long will this take?

Reviewing 100 transactions should take approximately 1 hour to complete. This process will go faster the more familiar you become with it; however, if you find that the review is taking substantially longer than 1 hour, please email Danforth Nicholas.


What do I do if a transaction looks incorrect?

Mark the transaction “IS” in Tableau and reach out to the original purchaser on the transaction to confirm the expense.


Do I need to review non-DMSE accounts through this same process (i.e. MRL accounts)?

No, this process is only for DMSE accounts in your portfolio.


What if a purchase (i.e. large equipment) is split across multiple accounts, some of which are outside DMSE?

You are only responsible for reviewing the transactions or parts of transactions on DMSE accounts. So if you recognize the purchase, and the amount charged to the DMSE account looks correct, then the transaction can be marked as Reviewed.


What if my group is spending on an account held under another PI?

The PI (and admin) for that group are responsible for reviewing all the charges in an account where the PI is supervisor. If the lead PI would like you to review your group's charges, they should request to set up a child account for your group under your PI.


Who should I reach out to if I have a question not addressed here or in any of the guides?

Please email the DMSE Finance team at with questions.

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