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Who do I contact for...?

Master list of contacts for various financial situations

MIT is a large institution, and DMSE Finance can’t do it all! Here’s a list of who to reach out to for faster resolution of your request:



  • For assistance with navigating the Buy2Pay system
  • To register a new vendor or ask a question about an existing vendor
  • To track down an order that wasn’t processed or a vendor didn’t receive

Travel Assistance:

  • For all travel-related questions except for those asking when a report will be approved

Procurement Cards:

  • Fraudulent charge reporting
  • Card expiration questions
  • Card activation assistance
  • Seeing purchase statements assistance
  • Assistance with receiving your card (if you elected to not have it sent to DMSE Finance’s office)

P-Card App in QuickBase:

  • For tech support related to the P-Card App in QuickBase. This app is used by DMSE only and not MIT as a whole.

All other tech support questions:


DMSE Service Center Billing:

  • For questions about your DMSE service center billing or lab usage


First, check the status & location of your RFP: How do I check the status or location of my RFP?

  • Questions for RFPs that:
    • have not yet been approved DMSE
    • have been returned by DMSE approvers
    • should be directed to


All other questions

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