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How do I complete an expense report in Concur?

Resources on completing a travel expense report for the first time

When you return from your trip, you or the designated person in your DLC must submit a travel expense report with the required documentation, receipts, cost object, and trip purpose to the person in your DLC who is responsible for creating the expense report. The report must be submitted in Concur within 60 days of your return. The purpose of the report is to request reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses and to reconcile charges made on the MIT Travel Card.


See detailed instructions, complete with screenshots, in the Concur Guide for Submitters and the Concur Quick Guide (will download as PDFs).


That said, there are many more details to cover than just the links above—see the full documentation provided by VPF at for complete details on how to complete a travel expense report, find out what’s reimbursable, how to submit mileage when using your car on MIT business, and more.


Questions for how to submit an expense report should be sent to

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