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How do I see a list of a faculty member’s accounts and balances?

The PI Balance Report

Seeing reports in Cognos

Both the faculty member and the administrative assistant should be able to view a report of all of the faculty member's accounts with balances using this tool.

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To run the report, select the current fiscal period in the top left quadrant and the faculty member's name in the bottom right quadrant.


Do not make a selection in the bottom left quadrant, since this may filter out accounts in different reporting structures.


The report should display all the accounts to which you have reporting permission, so if anything is missing please let us know at

Note: nothing may show up until an expense has posted to the account.

Why am I seeing a negative balance/zero balance on a startup account?

If you know the account is supposed to have a positive balance and it’s July or August, this is likely due to the fiscal year rollover.


The MIT budget system is set up in a way that during the month of July, faculty-controlled cost centers (such as startup accounts, or most accounts beginning with a 1) that have carryforwards need to be prepared for the new fiscal year. This means that the budget office sets all the carryforward income aside and then at the end of July/beginning August, “re-feeds” the carryfoward balance back to the account.


As a result, from July through the beginning of August each year, these kinds of accounts will not show accurate balances.

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