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Setting up a FedEx account

How to set up and maintain your MIT FedEx account

Please view the VPF FedEx supplier page for the full instructions on setting up an account along with an updated list of updates and global shipping considerations.

Setting up an Account with FedEx

To set up a NEW FedEx account for your DLC, complete the FedEx New Account Form and email it to with the subject line: FedEx Education Account Setup Request.


You will receive an email from FedEx within 4-7 business days containing your account number and information about the online tools and tracking resources available to you.


Once you have an account, you can create a user ID and password for FedEx Billing Online which allows you to:

  • View, Pay and Print copies of invoices
  • Pay invoices via Procurement card (and attach the procurement card to the account)
  • Update the correct MIT Building and Room number where paper invoices should be mailed.

For a tutorial on how to use FedEx Billing Online, please visit the FedEx® Billing Online Interactive Demo website.

Additionally, FedEx Billing Online's support team can be contacted at or (833) 812-1383 and their technical support can be reached at (877) 339-2774.


We recommend reviewing VPF’s Tips for Shipping with FedEx guidance for additional helpful information.

Note that as of 2021, there are updated COVID-19 polies and new guidelines for shipments to China and Russia. Please visit the VPF FedEx supplier page for full details.
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