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Closing a Purchase Order

The PO has been fully expensed on or will not be expensed on again... now what?

Please refer to the Change, Cancel, or Return an Order VPF page for more information.

When and Why a PO Needs to be Closed

When an account needs to be closed, all open PO’s on the account will need to be Closed beforehand.


Considerations when closing a PO:

  • Have all of the items or services on the PO been received?
  • If the items haven’t been received, what follow-up needs to happen to check the status?
  • A PO does not need to be at $0 (fully expensed) to be closed
    • As long as no more invoices will be submitted to the PO, it can be closed
    • If a PO has been fully expensed, then it should be closed
  • If there are invoices that WILL be submitted to the PO, it should not be closed
    • If the invoices should go to a new PO, then a new PO should be created and approved before the old PO is closed

How to Close a PO

Click to be directed to the form to close a Purchase Order.

Alternatively, you can go to the Buy2Pay homepage. Click on the Close Purchase Order and submit the form for the PO(s) you’d like to close.

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