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How to submit an invoice to Buy2Pay

A guide to submitting invoices for payment through B2P.

If a supplier sends you an invoice for goods or services that relate to a Purchase Order (PO) processed through Buy2Pay, then you’ll have to submit the invoice to be processed through B2P.

Step 1: Review the Invoice

Open up the invoice and review the items that are being charged. Ensure that the prices align with your expectations for the purchase.


Review the corresponding Buy2Pay PO to see if everything from the order has been received, or if more items are expected to arrive. The PO # should be listed on the invoice, but there are instructions below on how to add the PO # to the invoice if it is not listed or if the listed PO # is incorrect.

PLEASE NOTE: The PO # should always be added to the invoice following the below steps, regardless of whether the PO # is already listed on the invoice or not.

Step 2: Submit the Invoice

Edit the invoice to include the corresponding PO #

Open up the invoice as a PDF document.


If you are using Adobe Acrobat DC as your PDF reader and editor, it will look like this on the right hand side of the screen. →


Click on the pink icon that says “Edit PDF” when you hover over it.

Notion image

On the bar that appears at the top of the PDF screen, click “Add Text.”

Click image to enlarge.
Click image to enlarge.

Click and drag to create a text box at the top of the invoice in a black space. In this text box, paste in the PO number that the invoice should be charged to.

Notion image
Ensure that the PO # is in a place where the B2P approver can easily see it. It can be helpful to make the text colorful and significantly larger than the surrounding text.

Save the changes made to the invoice PDF.


Send in the invoice via email

Next, send an email to with CC’d. The email should contain only the invoice added as an attachment. The body of the email should be completely blank, and the subject line should be only the PO # that the invoice should be processed against.


The email should look like this:

Notion image

Or like this, depending on Outlook display settings:

Notion image

Step 3: Receive the Order in B2P

Please review the steps to receive orders on the Receiving an order in Buy2Pay page.

By ensuring that the items listed on the invoice have been received in B2P once the invoice has been submitted, then the DMSE invoice approver can automatically approve payment, which will ensure the invoice is processed quickly.

If you do not receive the order prior to review, then you’ll receive an email from the DMSE approver that will look like this:

Notion image

This email will be sent to the original requester of the PO, which is the person who created and submitted the original B2P requisition for the goods/services that are being invoiced. Please ensure that the goods or services listed on the invoice have been received and are in functioning order, and then reply to the email with your approval.

Note that only standard invoices should be received— invoices for subawards or Harvard CNS facilities use do not need to be received.

For invoices on PO’s related to subaward or CNS costs, the PI listed on the account being charged can expect to receive an email from the DMSE invoice approver that follows one of the below formats:


For subaward invoices:

Notion image

For CNS invoices:

Notion image

The PI should then review the attached invoice and reply to the email with their approval if everything looks reasonable.

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