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Receiving an order in Buy2Pay

How to mark an order as “Received” and avoid the invoice approval emails from dmse-finance.

Please refer to the Recording Receipt in Buy2Pay for full instructions on receiving items.
Note: We are only implementing the Receiving function for invoices that pay for goods and services at this time. You do not need to receive invoices for subawards or CNS services.

How To: Receiving Items

  1. Go to your B2P homepage.
  1. Hover over your name at the top right-hand side and click Activity
  1. In the line of the item you'd like to Receive, select the truck icon that looks like this:
    1. Notion image
  1. Input the date the item(s) was received in the Receipt Date
  1. In the Quick Receipts section, input in the number of items that were received on that date.
    1. If you only ordered 1 item, then you can either type in “1” or check the box next to “All” to indicate that all items purchased were received.
    2. This allows you to partially receive orders.
  1. You can upload a receipt or packing slip into the Attachments section if you’d like to keep a digital record of the receipt.
    1. This step is not necessary, but could be helpful for record-keeping purposes because the physical paper slip can be discarded if there is a digital record of it.

Partial Receiving:

If you ordered 10 packs of pencils and only 6 packs arrived on March 1st, you can partially receive the order by logging the Receipt Date as 03/01 and Quick Receipts as “6.” The PO status will look like this: Let’s say the remaining 4 packs arrive on March 10th. You can click on the truck icon next to the PO line in Activity and receive the remainder of the order by putting in the Receipt Date as 03/10 and writing “4” in the Quick Receipts section.
Notion image
Notion image

If an item has been received, the Status of the PO line in your Activity section will say “Received” and the truck icon will disappear.


On the corresponding PO page, the status will look like this:

Notion image

Receiving items you purchased in Buy2Pay


Receiving items someone else purchased in Buy2Pay

⚠️ You will need to have the “Receiving” permission in Buy2Pay in order to receive items on another’s behalf. If you believe you should have this permission, please reach out to us at

If you returned an item purchased through Buy2Pay, you should still “Receive” it through your Activity tab. This helps B2P and financial officers keep track of purchases made on behalf of the institute.
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