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Submitting a change request

How to make changes to a PO after it’s been approved in B2P.

Please refer to the Change, Cancel, or Return an Order VPF page for more information.

Change Requests

Change requests are needed when a PO has already been created, but the requester later needs to make edits to it.

Note: A Purchase Order (PO) is automatically generated once a requisition has been fully approved.


When submitting a change request, go to the PO and click Request Change at the bottom of the page, then make the desired changes to the PO and resubmit it.

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The PO will go through another approval process, and then the updated PO will be automatically sent to the vendor. To learn more about the B2P approval process, please see What is the Buy2Pay approval process?


If you’re changing the cost object or adding items to the order, please ensure the account being charged has adequate funds to cover the full expense of the updated PO.

Please refer to the Buy2Pay Submit & Track an Order Change QuickCard for full instructions.
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