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What is the Buy2Pay approval process?

How orders are received, reviewed, and approved in B2P.

When you create a requisition, you are requesting to purchase goods or services on behalf of MIT. Therefore, each requisition must go through a review and approval process before being placed with the vendor.


Step 1: Creating the Requisition

The DMSE Finance Team may be the only approvers, or we may be one of a few approvers, depending on the material/services being purchased and the cost object(s) the purchase is being made on.

The approval process is usually completed within 24 hours, but may take longer depending on the number of approvals and complexity of the requisition.

Step 2: Purchase Orders (PO’s)

When a requisition is fully approved, it will be assigned a Purchase Order (PO) number and will be sent to the vendor.

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If you realize that a requisition you created has a mistake, you can edit the requisition directly or leave a comment on it in the Comments section for an approver to edit.

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If the requisition has already been fully approved and has a PO number, only the original requester will be able to make changes to or cancel the PO.

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Please note that change requests will have to re-enter the approval process, so your changes to the PO will not be made until the change request is fully approved.

Step 3: Invoicing

When the goods or services have been received and are satisfactory, you can go into B2P to “Receive” the order.

Failing to mark an order as Received when the order is fulfilled takes additional time and can result in a delayed payment to the vendor.
  • Receiving the order tells the Finance Approver that everything was received and satisfactory.
  • If you do not Receive the item before the invoice comes in, a Finance Approver will reach out to you through email to confirm the order.
Refer to the Receiving an order in Buy2Pay page for full instructions on how to Receive items.
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