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Why did my requisition get rejected?

Explanations for rejection reasons and tips on how to make sure your requisitions are approved the first time.

A note explaining why the requisition was rejected will always be available at the bottom of the requisition in the Comments section. Once a requisition has been rejected, only the original requester can make edits to the requisition. Please make all edits and resubmit the requisition for review.
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Insufficient Justification

Justifications on Non-Research Requisitions

Requisitions are most likely to be sent back due to an insufficient justification.


Please see our page All about justifications for a full explanation of justification requirements and examples.


Justifications on Research Requisitions

If you’re submitting a requisition that’s purchasing on a research account, you’ll need a more detailed justification in order to prove compliance with the research sponsor.

The justification must include the specific use or benefit to the sponsored project the purchased goods/services will provide.

Please note the below unallowable GL’s, which you may not use when purchasing on a research account:

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Inadequate Effort on a Research Account

If you’re purchasing on a research cost object, the requester will need to have effort on the cost object being purchased on.

If the requester (the person who created the requisition) does not have effort on the listed account, then the requisition will be sent back.
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Insufficient Funds

The cost object the requisition using must have sufficient funds available to cover the purchase. In the case of insufficient funds, the requisition will be rejected and a different cost object must be used to place the purchase.

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