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How to use the Communication section of the p-card form

📬 Communication

Status: Shows you the status of your p-card form, such as No Documentation for an unfinished, unsubmitted form.


Communication Notes: Any conversation between you and the transaction approvers will show up here. If your form was returned for your review, this is also where you will find out why and what you need to do to fix it.

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Related P-Card Transaction: This will default to the transaction you are filling the form out for; however, if you started by making a free-form p-card form independent of a transaction by clicking New P-Card form on the Card Manager’s dashboard, you can choose which transaction to link this form to using this drop down menu.


Transaction Nickname (Optional): Allows you to give a nickname to the form to be easier to find in case you want to search for it again later.

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