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Introduction to reporting and account Types

Account Types

Faculty and some staff have reporting capabilities on various types of accounts including:

  • Discretionary Accounts
    • Discretionary accounts, like startup accounts, CD allowances, and scholarly allowances, can be used for any appropriate business expense.

  • Research Accounts
    • These are accounts associated with a specific project; more of these will be created as funds are awarded in the future. Only research expenses that specifically benefit those projects can be charged to the accounts.


Generally speaking, it is best practice to allocate the costs associated with research to the project accounts when possible, so that the discretionary fund can be reserved for things that are not allowable on research.


Both the faculty member and the administrative assistant should be able to view a report of all of the faculty member's accounts with balances here.


To run the report, select the current fiscal period in the top left quadrant and the faculty member's name in the bottom right quadrant. Do not make a selection in the bottom left quadrant, since this may filter out accounts in different reporting structures. The report should display all the accounts to which you have reporting permission, so if anything is missing please let us know at


However, please note that nothing may show up until an expense has posted to the account.

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