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P-Card Form Overview

This tutorial will walk you through how to complete a p-card form, section by section. You can also read this as a single-page guide.

⭐ Overview

P-card forms are your way of recording what accounts a transaction should be charged to, and of explaining why the item was purchased. This form is then submitted to the transaction approvers so that the transaction can be reviewed before being approved or forwarded to another department.


You can create a p-card form in two ways:

  1. From the Card Manager’s Dashboard, click on Go to P-Card Form to create a form connected to the transaction right next to it.
  1. Click the pink New P-Card Form button to create a form not connected to a transaction.

If you are unfamiliar with the Card Manager’s Dashboard, make sure to review our quick guide on how to use it before proceeding with this tutorial.


Here’s an example of what the p-card form looks like starting from option #1, before being filled out:

The editing screen of form in the midst of completion.
The editing screen of form in the midst of completion.
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