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How do I check the status or location of my RFP?

How to check if your RFP has been approved, paid, or not

Go to and click My Reimbursements > Track My Reimbursements

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You can see all of your RFPs up to the last 60 days.

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If Location/Status shows your own Kerberos username, you have not sent it to an approver and the RFP is currently in your inbox as a draft.

If you check on your RFP through any other menu, or click into it before it has been approved (”Paid”), the RFP will move back to your inbox and out of the inbox of the person you sent it to, preventing it from being approved!


If this happens, you will have to send it to the approver again.


By clicking on the RFP #, you can see additional details on the RFP status:

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Once the history line shows that the the RFP has been approved by a member of the DMSE Finance team, the team can no longer make edits. Please reach out to should you need assistance in these situations.

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