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Service Center Billing Policies

Policies for billing for the use of DMSE laboratory facilities.

Billing Policies for DMSE Laboratory Facilities

⚠️ These billing policies are in effect as of April 1, 2022.


Billing will be done on the 5th of the month and will bill for the previous month.

E.g.: Billing for January 2022 will begin to be processed on February 5th, 2022


Usage logs will be reviewed by lab managers before this date each month, and any incorrect information will be updated in the Service Center app in Quickbase prior to the 5th of the month.

These updates will prevent incorrect information from being processed without due review.


If a user has entered an cost object that is unusable, then the service center user and PI of the unusable cost object will be contacted for an alternative cost object.

An unusable cost object may be closed, the end date has passed, the account has inadequate funding, or the account is on Term Code 2.


If no alternative cost object is provided within 5 business days, then the discretionary account of the PI on the unusable account will be billed for the usage.


If incorrect information is noticed after the monthly service center billing has been submitted, please email for assistance.

This could include providing an alternative cost object to be used for billing if a discretionary account was charged.


Compliance when billing research cost objects

Federal policy requires that sponsored cost objects are used only when the service center lab usage is directly related to the sponsored project. Please ensure that you are logging a cost object that accurate reflects your purpose in the service center lab when submitting your Quickbase usage log(s).
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