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Relocation Travel

Policies for new hires offered relocation coverage.

Relocation Policies

A new hire’s offer letter will sometimes include funding to cover relocation expenses. Relocation for a hire should include a position that lasts at least a year. Relocation, House Hunting, Dependent Care and Spousal and Family Travel are taxable travel types, so staff will need to include in the report header comments one of two codes:

  • “Gross Up Yes” (meaning DLC is responsible for the taxes) or
  • “Gross Up No” (Individual is responsible for the taxes)
Check with the faculty funding the position, or with HR if it is a departmental hire, on whether to gross up for taxes before submitting the report.

These types of travel for both paid and unpaid visitors is not taxable if their appointment is less than a year, and student travel also is not taxable. 

Include a statement in the header comments indicating that the traveler is a  MIT student or visitor if using one of these travel types on the report.

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