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Submitting a wire for reimbursing travelers living internationally

How to send wire information for reimbursements for travel for those who live abroad

For travel reports, all payees who live outside of the United States (excluding Canada) should be paid via a wire transfer.


To do so:

  • Add the wire information to the report header as noted below:
    • Amount of Wire: $

      Payee Name (exactly as on bank account):

      Bank Account/IBAN #:


      Bank Name:

      Bank Address (full street address):

      ABA Bank #/Swift Code #/or Chips #:

      Report Key:

  • Send an email requesting the wire to with the report key (Don't include the wire information in the email).
  • If the report is returned, make sure the most recent comment is one that notes that a wire is requested.

The travel staff accountant will reach out if more information is needed and will send a confirmation message.

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