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Cancelling a Purchase Order

How to cancel a PO after it’s been approved in B2P.

Please refer to the Change, Cancel, or Return an Order VPF page for more information.

Cancellation Requests

These occur when the requester wants to fully cancel a requisition that's already been approved. This will happen when an order was created, but is no longer needed and the vendor has not yet fulfilled the goods or services requested, or if an item needs to be returned.

Reach out to the vendor and let them know that the order will be canceled before submitting a Cancellation Request.

Please note: Only the original requester will be able to cancel the Purchase Order.


In Buy2Pay, hover over your name in the top left corner of the screen and select Activity

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Find the requisition you’d like to cancel and click on the PO ID number

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At the bottom of the page, click Edit Change

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At the bottom of the next page, click Request PO Cancellation

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The cancellation request will go through a B2P approval process similar to when the PO was created. At the end of those approvals, the PO will be officially cancelled and the order should not be fulfilled by the vendor.

This is to CANCEL an order; if an order was successfully received and invoiced, and there are unnecessary funds remaining on the PO, please see the Closing a Purchase Order page for directions and information.
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