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Apply for a Travel Card

Download the travel card application

First, determine if you need an Individual Travel card or a Departmental Travel card. If you will be booking travel for yourself and also for your group, you may need to fill out both forms and get two cards.



  • Use to book travel for yourself
  • Your name will be listed by default as the traveler on every trip.
  • Reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses will be made by direct deposit to the same account you receive your paycheck.


  • Use to book travel for non-MIT persons, or for any person who doesn’t have an individual card (such as graduate students)
  • You will need to specify the traveler’s name on each Trip Report.
  • Reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses will be made by check to the traveler by default.
Complete the appropriate travel card application(s) below and email them to, or to the sender of your Guide to Purchasing onboarding email.
  • Only the second and fourth pages need to be completed. The third page lists Danforth Nicholas, the DMSE Senior Financial Officer, as a delegate by default for all DMSE travel cards.
  • If you will not be picking up your card on campus, please include on the form an address for it to be mailed to, or if you would like it held for pickup.
  • Be sure to complete the travel card training listed in our Guide to Purchasing, as you will not be issued a card until the training has been completed.
This travel card application is specific to DMSE applicants only; do not redistribute.

⬇️ Download the DMSE Individual Travel Card Application

⬇️ Download the DMSE Departmental Travel Card Application

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