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What do I do if there’s a fraudulent expense on my card?

What to when when a fraudulent charge comes in

Report fraudulent charges immediately to

This will allow MIT to reimburse your card for these charges.


For recordkeeping purposes, you will still need to complete a p-card form. When the fraudulent expense appears in your QuickBase inbox:

  1. Check the Anticipating Refunds and Fraudulent Charge boxes
  1. Type the full amount of the charge in the Anticipating Refunds box.
  1. No justification is needed, but you can optionally included any additional information in this field if you like.
  1. Once you receive a credit for the charge, you will then be able to connect the credit to this form just as you would with a normal refund situation.

Here is an example of a correctly completed p-card form for a fraudulent charge:

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