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DMSE P-Card Documentation Policy

This policy establishes a DMSE-specific process for ensuring the timely submission of MIT procurement card documentation.


MIT’s procurement card policy requires cardholders to provide purchase documentation to your procard verifier within 21 days of the purchase. Transactions that are not verified after 21 days are automatically swept to a DMSE headquarters account. All swept transactions must be transferred to an appropriate cost object and G/L after the required documentation is submitted to the verifier.


To ensure verifiers have sufficient time to review and approve transactions, we are asking that cardholders provide all relevant documentation well before the 21 day sweep deadline. All documentation for transactions are now being required within 10 business days of the transaction appearing within QuickBase.

Cardholders with 3 or more procard transactions that have not been submitted with documentation will lose authorization to use their procard until the documentation for all purchases on that card have been submitted by the cardholder through QuickBase and validated by the procard verifier.

If a cardholder's procard is managed by a card manager other than themselves (such as an administrative assistant), it remains the responsibility of the cardholder to provide all documentation to their card managers within the aforementioned 10 business day time period. However, in these situations it becomes the responsibility of the card manager to submit that documentation through QuickBase in the cardholder's place.

Cardholders will still be able to pay for purchases out of pocket and submit a request for reimbursement using the eRFP online tool.


A copy of this policy can also be found in the P-Card App, on the Card Manager’s Dashboard, under DMSE P-Card Documentation Policy
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