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What G/Ls should I avoid?

General ledgers to avoid using so your transactions are approved faster


Not all general ledgers are allowed for use depending on the means of purchasing you’re using. If the wrong g/l is used, it may take longer for your purchase to be approved, and it may be sent back to you for revision, or rejected outright.


Not allowed for p-card transactions

Although the following (though not all-inclusive) list of g/ls that cannot be used on a p-card below somewhat corresponds to the list of items that cannot be purchased with a p-card, there’s not necessarily a one-to-one match to a g/l for each item on the list:

  • Travel, including airfare, hotels, and out of state conference registrations): 420050, 420166, 420060, 420070, 420071, 420080, 420081, or 420090
  • Minor equipment (equipment and furnishings between $1,000 and $4,999): 421827
  • Major equipment (equipment and furnishings with an acquisition cost of $5,000 or more): 421818
  • Furniture: 421827, 421818
  • Chemicals (excluding dry ice): 420128
  • Rentals (of any kind): 421833
  • Radioactive material: 420129
  • All services, including consulting, professional, or temporary services (but not including uniform rentals or cleaning): 420226, 420262, 420300, 420301, 420362, 420363, 420710
  • Gifts, gift certificates, or greeting cards for life events such as birthdays/retirement: 420318
  • Live animals: 420104
  • Precious metals: 420296
  • Flowers and plants: 420318, 420166 (if being used for indoor floral arrangements)
  • Fire extinguishers: 420336
  • Respirators and protective masks: 420336
  • Gases and gas cylinders: 420182

Not allowed for RFPs

Since RFPs can be submitted for a large variety of things, there is generally no g/l that can’t be used (though you should refer to this list for the right one to use for your transaction).


However, reimbursements for international travel must be submitted using a travel report, not through the RFP system. International travel reimbursements submitted as RFPs will be rejected by the central finance office.


So what g/l can I use?

See What G/L should I use? for a list.

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