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How to use the Card Manager’s Dashboard

Guide to the fields & functions of the P-Card App’s Card Manager homepage

The Card Manager’s Dashboard is the homepage for managing p-card transactions in the P-Card App.

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From here you can create p-card forms, see what transactions should be submitted soon, search through a list of transactions you have submitted before, and more.

Your Inbox

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Your inbox is where you will see transactions that need p-card forms and receipts. You will use p-card forms to record what accounts you want a charge to post to, and to explain why the item was purchased. This form is then submitted to the transaction approvers so that it can be reviewed before a transaction is approved. You can learn more about how to complete this form in submitting a p-card form.


Once a transaction appears in this box, you will have 10 business days to fully complete a p-card form with all required additional documentation, such as receipts or email conversations. You can learn more about the DMSE P-Card Documentation Policy here.


How long does it take for a p-card purchase to show up in QuickBase?

This depends on the vendor and how it takes them to charge your card. Only after your card has been charged will the transaction show up in QuickBase. If you’re sure your card has been charged and the transaction still isn’t showing up after more than a week, email



The Days Left to Submit Documentation column will show you how many days left you have to complete a p-card form with all required documentation, but also a couple of other statuses:

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The standard counter telling you how many days are left. This will change color as it gets closer to 1.


The counter changes to this when a form is overdue. More than 3 of these (not including international transactions) will result in a temporary hold being placed on the card until all documentation is received.


The counter changes to this if the transaction approver has questions that must be addressed before the transaction can be approved. Go to the form’s comments to review the approver’s questions. Returned transactions may involve you needing to re-do parts of the form.


Transactions Anticipating a Refund

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This box will show you the list of transactions that you are expecting a credit for, based on how you completed the original charge’s p-card form. Transactions that show up here are controlled by QuickBase only. See Why won’t the refund I submitted disappear from "Transactions Anticipating Refund"? if something is sitting here that shouldn’t be.


Helpful Links

DMSE Finance Help Center will bring you to the home page of this site.

How to Use This App will bring you to a set of helpful links on how to use the p-card app, all in one place.

See Submitted P-Card Forms will let you see a list of all of the p-card forms you have submitted in the past.

Missing Receipt Affidavit will bring you directly to the page to download the form to use when you do not have, but needed to have, a receipt.

DMSE P-Card Documentation Policy will bring you to important policy information, which you can also find here.

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New P-Card Form allows you to create a p-card form without linking it to a transaction, should you need to do so.


Outstanding Personal Expenses

This section will show you and forms you have submitted that you have marked as a personal expense—an expense that was accidentally charged to MIT p-card that was intended for a personally owned credit card. You can learn more about personal expenses here.


Transactions in this area will continue to appear until they have been fully processed by the transaction approver.


Your Card(s) Activity

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At the bottom of your dashboard, this will give you a summary of the statuses and number of incomplete p-card transactions at a glance.

Saved Forms Without Transactions

If you used the New P-Card Form button to create a p-card form without attaching it to a transaction, you can find it here.


Next Steps

You’re on fire! Now that you’ve learned about your dashboard, you’re all set to learn about how to complete a p-card form. Get started with the P-Card Form Overview.
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